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Step 1


Start your journey to stronger, more resilient hair by balancing and rejuvenating each strand from the inside out with proven nourishing ingredients.

  • TOP SELLER Sold out hair growth supplements for fast hair growth

    Hair Supplements
    Our hair enhancing supplements fortify hair at their roots. Exceptionally formulated to deliver a potent daily dose of hair supporting nutrients. A targeted solution for internal causes of hair growth life cycle interruptions for longer, thicker-looking hair. A targeted solution to fortify hair at their roots for longer, thicker-looking hair.

    $80.00 - $234.00

  • Micro-Needle Derma Roller Kit

    Micro-Needle Derma Roller Kit
    Treat hair health on contact with our micro-needle derma roller. Enhance blood flow and collagen production twice weekly for optimal hair enhancing benefits. Boost hair health, enhance blood flow and collagen production to enhance hair benefits. Use 2x weekly.


  • Scalp Serum

    Scalp Serum
    Transform thinning, lifeless hair into thicker-looking, revitalized strands with our Scalp Serum. Powered by Capixyl ™ and natural enhancers for visible density and hair growth rate. Your scalp will be rebalanced while providing soothing benefits for dry, itchy and dandruff prone skin. Rebalance your scalp with soothing benefits while supercharging into thicker-looking hair.


Step 2


Experience our cleanse collection, where each product is meticulously crafted to remove impurities and leave your hair refreshed.

  • BEST SELLER hydrating shampoo for softer smoother hair

    Signature Shampoo
    Achieve irresistibly soft and healthy hair with our nourishing shampoo. Its concentrated yet mild cleansing formula offers a luxurious lather that effectively removes impurities, leaving your hair feeling clean, refreshed, and beautifully nourished. Deeply nourishes and mildly cleanses hair for irresistibly soft and smooth hair.

    $45.00 - $136.00

  • Clarifying Shampoo to detox and cleanse hair

    Clarifying Shampoo
    Hair that is weighed down by product build up, excess oil and impurities needs this to hit the reset button. Champagne and bentonite clay effectively work deeper to remove everything that’s holding your hair back, revealing a healthy, balanced scalp and hair that shines with renewed vitality. Reveal healthy, balanced scalp and hair that shines with renewed vitality with this gentle detox.

    $45.00 - $136.00

  • purple shampoo for blonde, gray and platinum hair

    Brilliant BlondePurple Shampoo
    Your solution to keeping your blonde, gray and platinum hair vibrant and free of unwanted warm undertones. This luxurious purple shampoo enriched with blueberry and purple yam, is specifically designed for blonde, gray and platinum hair to reduce warmth and brighten every strand. Specifically designed to reduce unwanted warm tones, brighten every strand of grey, blonde and platinum.

    $45.00 - $136.00

  • Dry shampoo powder to extend your wash

    Dry ShampooPowder
    Effortlessly extend your style and embrace the convenience of going longer between washes. Uniquely crafted with natural ingredients that offer strand-thickening benefits while instantly absorbing excess oil for a truly refreshed and rejuvenated look that lasts all day. Instantly absorb excess oil while adding thickness to each strand for a total style refresh.


Step 3

Condition & Nourish

Indulge in deep hydration that delivers lightweight-targeted nourishment, leaving your hair feeling revitalized.

  • BEST SELLER Signature Conditioner

    Signature Conditioner
    Our lightweight and moisture-rich conditioner effortlessly penetrates each strand that deeply hydrates hair without weighing it down. Its creamy blend fortifies strands, leaving your hair irresistibly soft, smooth, and detangled, with enhanced shine and noticeably less frizz. Lightweight moisturizer that strengthens hair ensuring long-lasting hydration.

    $45.00 - $136.00

  • Signature Hair Mask

    Signature Hair Mask
    Dive into a deep hydration oasis as this mask restores elasticity, leaving your hair irresistibly smooth and radiant without any added weight. Infused with a potent blend of nutrients and antioxidants. Replenish your dry strands, prevent breakage, and shield against future damage, to reveal visibly healthier, stronger, and softer hair. Deeply moisturizes dry hair, reduces breakage and protects against future damage.


Step 4

Prep & Style

Create and transform the perfect foundation to any style with a curated selection of high performance products.

  • Signature Leave-In Conditioner

    Signature Leave-InConditioner
    Unveil the ultimate combination of hair care and styling in this single product. Our lightweight detangling formula primes each strand, making them ready for impeccable styling while providing nourishment, hydration, and defense against environmental aggressors that would otherwise lead to damage. Protects, detangles, and strengthens while adding lasting hydration and shine.


  • smoothing cream to banish frizz

    Smoothing Cream
    Smooth away frizz and experience silky, manageable hair instantly with our frizz-fighting formula. Enriched with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, it restores shine and strengthens hair for a smooth, radiant look. Fights frizz, boosts shine, and strengthens hair with our antioxidant-rich formula.


  • Sold out Blow Dry Spray

    Blow DrySpray
    Experience sleek, glossy styles in half the time with our ultra concentrated styling spray. It cuts blow dry time in half, provides heat protection and longer lasting results. Powered by our SMP-4 Technology, you’ll discover your secret weapon to effortless heat styling while blocking style disrupting humidity. Cuts blow dry time in half, protects up to 450°, fights frizz, 48-hour style memory.


  • BEST SELLER Signature Hair Serum

    Signature Hair Serum
    This luxuriously rich yet lightweight formula penetrates deeply into each strand, providing instant shine and intense nourishment, resulting in irresistibly smooth, healthy hair that glows without weighing hair down. Nourishes, strengthens, hydrates, and tames frizz for radiant hair.


Step 5


The final chapter in your styling journey is with the finishing touch, leaving your hair with brilliant style control and impeccable hold.

  • NEW flexible hold hair spray for all hair types

    Flexible HoldHairspray
    Lock in your signature look and extend the life of your style with our flexible hold, style memory hair spray. This flake-free formula repels humidity, boosts shine, and controls frizz, allowing for brushable, touchable hairstyles that last all day. Extend your style with our flake and crunch free flexible hold spray while adding touchable shine.

    $24.00 - $42.00

  • Flyaway Fix Hydrating Pomade Stick for hair

    Flyaway FixPomade Stick
    Create perfectly polished styles, tame flyaways, or enhance texture with a soft, touchable finish. This no mess pomade stick unleashes style control with no greasy residue. Crafts flawless styles, controls flyaways, and adds texture without greasy residue.

    $30.00 - $90.00

  • NEW Volumizing Texture Spray

    Volumizing TextureSpray
    Instantly enhance volume and body with exaggerated thickness in an invisible matte finish leaving your hair to feel supported yet touchable. Whether your style is amplified day one or you reach to revive second-day hair this oil absorbing spray gives the results you need. Instantly enhance volume and body with exaggerated thickness to amplify day one or revive second-day hair.

    $24.00 - $42.00

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