5 Simple Steps To Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine

No matter your hair type or concern, your hair care routine is one that is necessary to ensure your hair stays in the healthiest state to thrive.

While your daily hair care routine may shift for the seasons, your current hairstyle or hair color it is important to have a game plan that will not only keep you on schedule but also ensure your lifestyle doesn’t get ahead of yourself and you neglect your locks.

We are going to take a look at some of the best ways you can take care of your hair every day.

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Daily Hair Care Routine

Step up your hair care game with these hair care routine steps to keep the frizz and damage at bay and have only good hair days ahead.

daily hair care routine

Step #1: Shampoo or Dry Shampoo

ultra hydrating shampoo

Cleansing away build-up, smog, oils, or product from yesterday is essential for your daily routine. It’s an important and unavoidable part of keeping your scalp healthy to support your hair growth and prevent premature hair loss.

While you shouldn’t reach for shampoo on a daily basis because your natural oils deliver nutrients to your scalp and hair, you may skip the suds and reach for a natural dry shampoo powder that will help absorb oils and give your hair that extra oomph you were looking for.

dry shampoo powder

Step #2: Conditioner

ultra hydrating conditioner

Conditioner is a shower staple that pairs well with your hydrating shampoo, and surprising to some, works well solo too.

Conditioner is made to bring instant hydration to your strands from mid-way down. When you are using your conditioner try to avoid putting this directly on your scalp and focus on applying this on older, dryer hair (the length).

If your hair looks and feels dehydrated you can use conditioner on the days you skip the shampoo.

Step #3: Prep and Refresh

leave in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is the first thing you want to prep your freshly washed towel-dried hair with as it helps to balance hydration and lock in moisture as it provides subtle styling benefits like frizz control and UV protection to keep your hair color from fading.

On towel-dried hair, apply your leave-in conditioner before anything else, and ensure you comb or brush it through your hair for even distribution.

Step #4: Protect and Prevent

hair serum

To prevent breakage and weak points to develop that could otherwise lead to split ends, protect and nourish your hair with a hair serum that provides internal moisture rejuvenation as well as outward protection.

This is key to apply prior to styling your hair to protect against heat tools and damage and can be reapplied on dry hair to deploy nutrients and hydration internally.

Your hair will look and feel healthy even after a restless night's sleep due to the shield of a serum fighting friction all night.

Step #5: Dry Your Hair

brushing & drying

When your hair and scalp get wet it creates the perfect recipe to develop scalp conditions like dandruff, as well as a dry and itchy scalp.

To prevent this from happening to you, use your blow dryer on a lower temperature setting and get your hair free from the water to allow your scalp to thrive.

Weekly Hair Care Routine

weekly hair care routine

Step #1: Brush Your Scalp

We can all fall into a ponytail or bun week for whatever reason we choose, but it’s important that your scalp gets stimulation by a medium to soft bristle brush to stimulate blood circulation and help to lift any oils or flakes that may have surfaced.

Step #2: Double Shampoo

If your first step in the morning is to reach for a dry shampoo then pencil in a day for a thorough and proper cleanse.

Shampooing your hair is essential for scalp health to support new hair growth and your scalp's ability to shed its own skin cells. Your sulfate-free shampoo will guide you to how many shampoos you’ll actually need.

Natural oil and build-up will suffocate the lathering effect so if the first shampoo doesn’t suds (lather) then rinse and shampoo again.

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Step #3: Rejuvenate

ultra hydrating hair mask

Deeply hydrating and rejuvenating your hair via a hair mask is not a daily routine but should be considered when you are planning your wash days this week.

Applying a hair mask once a week or every other week, depending on your shampoo frequency, will hydrate your hair on a deeper level than your daily conditioner.

The concentrated formulation is prepared to work longer and harder giving you even greater results.

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