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Blog > Hair Routine > What Does Texture Spray Do and How To Use It

What Does Texture Spray Do and How To Use It

Imagine a hair styling product that not only elevates the look of your hair but also enhances its feel, making every strand dance with volume and texture. Enter texture sprays, life-changers in the battle against limp, lifeless hair.

Today we're delving into the essence of texture sprays, revealing their secrets and showcasing how they can transform your hair styling routine. Whether you're navigating through the challenges of fine, flat locks or managing the wildness of thick, unruly hair, texture spray is your best friend, promising styles that not only captivate with their appearance but also with their feel.

With just a few simple sprays, you're on the verge of discovering the effortless, voluminous, and texturized hair that's been waiting to make its debut. Without further ado, let’s learn how to turn the dream of perfect hair into your daily reality.

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What is Texture Spray?

Simply put, texture spray is a styling miracle that adds volume, grip, and a tantalizing texture to your hair without the weight of traditional products. It’s the secret to that "I woke up like this" look, providing a perfect blend of care-free volume and lived-in texture.

What Does Texture Spray Do?

texture spray before and after

Texture spray adds layers of volume and texture, making it ideal for creating a variety of styles that need a little extra body and movement. Whether you have straight, fine hair looking for a lift or thick, unruly locks in need of some taming, texture spray adapts to your hair type. It enhances your hair's natural qualities by adding definition and a light, flexible hold.

In short, texture spray is a versatile styling tool, essential for anyone aiming for an effortlessly stylish appearance without the fuss.

How To Use Texture Spray

how to use texture spray

Let’s break down the steps to ensure you unlock the full potential of texture spray:

Simple Application Steps

  • Shake It Up: Before use, give your texture spray a good shake. This ensures you get the full benefit of its volume-boosting and texturizing ingredients.
  • Start Light: A little goes a long way. You can always add more, but it’s tricky to remove excess without washing your hair.
  • The Right Distance: Spray from about an arm's length away. This helps evenly distribute the product for a natural finish.
  • Spritz and Style: Target the roots for volume or the lengths for added texture. Work the product through with your fingers to shape your desired look.

Wet or Dry Hair?

  • Wet Hair: Applying to damp hair can help enhance natural waves and add a base level of texture as your hair dries. It’s perfect for those air-dry days or when using a diffuser.
  • Dry Hair: For an instant volume boost or to refresh your style, use on dry hair. It’s ideal for adding texture before curling or for a midday lift.

Application Techniques by Hair Type

  • Fine Hair: Focus on the roots to avoid weighing down your strands. Light applications can add significant volume and make styling easier.
  • Thick Hair: Your hair can handle a bit more product. Apply through the lengths to break up the heaviness and add movement.
  • Curly Hair: Enhance your curls by applying all over. Scrunch to boost texture and define your curls.
  • Straight Hair: Aim for the mid-lengths to ends to introduce some dynamic texture without compromising the straightness.

The beauty of Goldie Locks® Volumizing Texture Spray lies in its adaptability to your styling needs, whether you’re prepping for a high-volume day or crafting intricate waves. Remember, the key to perfection is experimentation—finding just the right amount and application technique for your unique hair type and desired look.

Texture Spray vs. Dry Shampoo

texture spray benefits

Texture spray and dry shampoo are staples for anyone looking to enhance their hair game. However, their core functions set them apart. Dry shampoo is your go-to for absorbing excess oil at the scalp, making it a lifesaver for extending the freshness of your hairstyle by a day or two. It targets greasiness, providing a clean look, but doesn't do much for styling.

On the other hand, texture spray is all about boosting your hair's style quotient. Its primary aim is to add volume and create a tousled, lively look that brings any hair type to life, making it feel fuller and more dynamic. Although some texture sprays offer oil-absorbing benefits, their main purpose is to elevate your hair's overall body and texture, not just combat oiliness.

Does Texture Spray Damage Hair?

Concerns about product-induced damage are valid, especially when you're navigating through an array of hair products. The good news? When formulated with hair health in mind, like Goldie Locks® Volumizing Texture Spray, the answer leans towards reassurance rather than alarm.

Quality texture sprays not only offer styling benefits but also contain nourishing ingredients that support hair health. Avoiding overuse and choosing products free from harsh chemicals can keep your hair safe and healthy.

When to Use Texture Spray

dry texture spray before and after

Texture spray shines with its incredible versatility, making it a must-have in your hair care routine. Here’s when to reach for that bottle and how to get results:

  • For Instant Volume: Lift sections of hair and spray at the roots for hair that speaks volumes.
  • To Enhance Waves or Curls: Apply texture spray through the lengths of your hair and give it a good scrunch. This accentuates your natural waves or curls, adding life and bounce.
  • For Grip in Updos: Before you twist and pin, a light spray can make your hair more cooperative, offering the grip needed for those hairstyles to hold.
  • To Refresh Second-Day Style: Bring back the bounce and texture to limp, next-day hair with a quick application. It's like a reset button for your style.

Sought-After Looks Using Texture Spray

applying texture spray

With Goldie Locks® Volumizing Texture Spray, the possibilities for transforming your hair are endless. Whether you're in the mood for beachy waves, a sleek blowout, or intricate updos and braids, this versatile spray is your ticket to a world of stunning hairstyles. Here’s how you can use this wonder product to achieve some of the most sought-after looks:

Voluminous Blowouts

Craving that salon-fresh vibe of a bouncy blowout? Here’s how to get it at home:

  • Prep Your Hair: Start with damp hair. Apply the texture spray, focusing on the roots for lift and throughout the lengths for more body.
  • Blow Dry: Use a round brush to lift your hair at the roots as you dry, rolling the ends around the brush for a smooth finish.
  • Final Touch: Once dry, add a final mist of texture spray to lock in the volume and give your blowout a lasting, touchable hold.

Beachy Waves

The quintessential beachy waves are a breeze to create for an effortlessly chic look that feels as good as it looks:

  • Apply on Damp Hair: Lightly mist your damp hair with texture spray, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends.
  • Scrunch and Dry: Scrunch your hair with your hands as you air dry or use a diffuser for more defined waves.
  • Curling Iron Touch-Up: For extra definition, use a curling iron on select pieces, then finish with another spray for texture and hold.

Updos and Braids

Textured updos and braids are effortlessly stylish. Here’s how to ensure they hold beautifully:

  • Texturize Before Styling: Spray your dry hair lightly with texture spray to add grip, making it easier to handle and style.
  • Create Your Updo or Braid: Style as desired. The added texture will help pins and bands hold securely.
  • Set the Look: A final mist will add a touch of volume and ensure your style stays put, looking as fresh as when you first styled it.

By incorporating Goldie Locks® Volumizing Texture Spray into your hair care routine, you unlock the potential to effortlessly switch up your look, experiment with new styles, and embrace your hair's natural beauty with confidence. For a subtle enhancement of your natural texture to bold, statement looks, this texture spray is the versatile styling companion you've been looking for.

Pro Tips and Avoiding Pitfalls

volumizing texture spray

To get the most out of Goldie Locks® Volumizing Texture Spray consider these pro tips and common mistakes to avoid:

Combining with Other Products

  • Layer Wisely: Start with a heat protectant if using heat styling tools, follow with texture spray for volume and hold, and finish with a light hairspray for extra hold.
  • Mix and Match: Feel free to use alongside other Goldie Locks® products. Our texture spray pairs beautifully with our nourishing serums and conditioners for a balanced, healthy hair routine.

Common Mistakes

  • Overapplication: Less is more. Start with a light application and build as needed to avoid weighing down your hair.
  • Wrong Distance: Spraying too close can concentrate the product too much in one area. Remember, arm's length is best.

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FAQs About Texturizing Spray

Do You Use Texture Spray on Wet or Dry Hair?

Both! Apply to damp hair for natural texture as it dries, or to dry hair for immediate volume and hold.

Does Texture Spray Hold Curls?

Yes, it can help define and hold curls, though for extra longevity, layer with hairspray.

Is Texture Spray the Same as Hairspray?

No, texture spray adds volume and texture without the firm hold of hairspray.

Start Your Journey to Perfect Hair

We've seen how texture spray stands out for its ability to add volume, create texture, and give that effortlessly tousled look. Equipped with the knowledge of how to use it effectively across various styles and understanding its benefits, achieving your ideal hair look becomes not just a possibility, but a reality.

Remember, the secret to great hair goes beyond the spray—it's in embracing and enhancing your natural beauty. Goldie Locks® Volumizing Texture Spray is here to help you do just that, offering not just style, but a commitment to healthy, vibrant hair.

Volumizing Texture Spray

Volumizing Texture Spray

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