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Blog > Hair Routine > Wedding Day Hair With Our Stylist Spotlight Loren Kramer

Wedding Day Hair With Our Stylist Spotlight Loren Kramer

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When it comes to wedding day preparations, your hairstyle is just as important as your dress, makeup, and venue. This month, we spotlight one of our talented professionals, Loren Kramer, who shares her invaluable insights on achieving the perfect bridal hairstyle. Loren provides essential tips, tricks, and best practices for preparing wedding day hair, ensuring brides look and feel their best on their special day.

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

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Loren emphasizes the importance of selecting a hairstyle that enhances your features and compliments your dress. She advises brides-to-be to "lean into what features you really want to showcase, as well as the 'feeling' your hair will give you." For instance, if you have long locks but want to highlight the luxurious low back of your wedding dress, consider an upstyle or a side-swept look. Loren also suggests that brides choose a style that feels comfortable and familiar, saying, "The goal is to feel glamorous while still feeling like yourself."

Avoiding Common Wedding Hair Mistakes

avoiding common wedding hair mistakes

We’ve all been there—whether as a guest or the stylist behind the scenes—witnessing a perfect bridal hairstyle disrupted by an unexpected weather shift or a pre-wedding hair mishap. So many things can go awry, and as Loren points out, one common mistake brides and their stylists make on the big day is using a strong holding hairspray too early. “This will make your updo what I like to call ‘grow,’ leaving it sticky, unmanageable, and prone to frizz.” Instead, she advises building on the product gradually and using the right tools. Loren recommends Goldie Locks® products like the Volumizing Texture Spray for creating texture without weighing down the hair, and the Flexible Hold Hairspray for a shiny, frizz-free finish that remains flexible and manageable.

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Incorporating Goldie Locks® into Bridal Styles

hair products for wedding hairstyles

Loren has several favorite ways to use Goldie Locks® products for wedding hairstyles. For styles that include braiding, she uses the Flyaway Fix to create fluffy, neat braids. To add separation and shine to waves, she recommends the Signature Serum, and relies on the Flexible Hold Hairspray to keep hairstyles voluminous and elegant.

Tips for Specific Hair Types

Different hair types require tailored techniques to achieve the perfect wedding hairstyle. Loren shares her go-to methods for using Goldie Locks® products based on hair type:

  • Fine Hair: "Goldie’s Texture Spray will take any fine hair to fluffy and full, especially if you are directing it near the root. You will instantly notice mega volume and lift."
  • Curly Hair: "For the curly girlies, cocktailing together The Signature Serum with the Flyaway Fix will give your curls the perfect sheen, definition, and hold."
  • Thick Hair: "For thick and unruly hair, the Blow Dry Spray will prep your locks for the dreamiest wedding day style. Adding shine, sealing the cuticle, and delivering the smoothest, sleekest hair."

Creating The Unforgettable Wedding Day

hairstyle for wedding day

Every bride, groom, and guest deserves to feel their absolute best on the big day, and the right hairstyle plays a crucial role in that. Loren Kramer, our stylist spotlight, has generously shared her expertise to help you achieve just that. With her guidance and the use of Goldie Locks® products, you can create stunning, memorable looks that withstand the demands of the day and highlight your unique beauty. We are honored to have Loren as part of our professional community, and we hope her tips inspire you to craft the perfect wedding hairstyle.

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