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Ginkgo Biloba For Hair Growth

The ginkgo tree: Instantly recognizable with its uniquely fan-shaped leaves with scalloped edges, is often known as a “living fossil.” This prehistoric tree has come to be known in our modern world as a source to many potential health benefits that range from sharpening your focus and memory to promoting healthy hair growth.

As science continues to explore the many benefits nature has to offer there is no doubt that ginkgo biloba has made yet another entrance into the beauty scene as a promising leader in hair regrowth. But what about this plant is so special? What gets used, what are specific methods of intake or usage more effective than others and how can we ensure we will see the end results we are looking for?

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Getting To Know Ginkgo Biloba?

Commonly known as ginkgo, also known as the maidenhair tree are rich in flavonoids, which have powerful antioxidant qualities and terpenoids which improve blood circulation by increasing the flow of your platelets. This tree is native to East Asia however, it has the ability to grow in plenty of climates that offer full sun and good drainage to thrive. It has been known for the discovery of plentiful health benefits we receive from its leaves and its seeds.

Known Benefits Of Ginkgo:

  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • May reduce symptoms of dementia
  • Improves brain function
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Supports vision and eye health
  • Can treat headaches
  • Can improve asthma

How is it sourced?

Ginkgo biloba gets harvested like many other fruits, gently pulling leaves from the branch either by gloved hand, or a picking pole. While some cultures also found a use for their seeds, the main source of the ginkgo biloba tree typically comes from its dried green leaves.

Benefits for hair?

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Several studies have concluded that ginkgo biloba has shown a promoting effect on hair re-growth. When tested as a topical solution on previously shaved hair, studies concluded that the visible increase of hair regrowth was apparent to conclude its active use in hair tonics. Beyond a topical solution, ginkgo biloba has been tested when ingested to find that its effects, though slightly different from the topical, again show promising and visible results to the hair follicle itself, promoting hair growth.

How does it work for hair?

how does ginkgo biloba work for hair

Ginkgolide B (GKB) and bilobalide (BB) are two functional components isolated from ginkgo biloba that can promote hair growth in affecting hair follicle dermal papilla cells. Yea, that does sound like a mouthful, in short, it works underneath the scalp where your hair is made before you can see it.

Having this ingredient shows promise to influence how your hair is being nourished under the surface that promotes the cycle of the hair follicle is the important takeaway we’d like to highlight today.

What it pairs well with:

Are you looking to get the best visible hair growth results while taking ginkgo biloba?

Folic acid along with other vitamins and herbs that better support your hair health like biotin, zinc and collagen will provide you with a balanced approach to your hair wellness journey. The effectiveness of taking ginkgo for hair growth varies on the dosage and the individual factors.

However, some may experience an increase in blood flow to the scalp which could help stimulate your hair follicle to support hair growth.

Lastly, the amount of antioxidant properties in ginkgo can help reduce inflammation and fight free radicals that would otherwise damage your hair follicle providing you with a better scalp environment to improve your hair growth journey.

Ginkgo Biloba Recommended Dosage

hair supplements

The recommended daily intake for ginkgo biloba is 40 mg and seems to be most beneficial when it is taken up to three times a day. While every person has different needs or considerations, it is always best to check with your doctor or medical provider to ensure the proper dosage and frequency for you.


In conclusion, ginkgo has been a household name in homeopathic remedies for centuries and for good reason! As we explored more details about this prehistoric tree and its way of providing us with nature’s bounty we’ve discovered that its known brain supporting benefits reaches beyond that of our thoughts and into the depths of each hair follicle ensuring we mane-tane the hair of our dreams!

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