Get Longer, Stronger Hair:
The Best Vitamins for Explosive Hair Growth

Your hair tells the story of your health. Thin or brittle hair can occur due to nutritional gaps in your diets.

Even if you’re using the best products, you’re only addressing a portion of your hair needs. Nourishing your hair from the inside out will give you the best chance at growing healthy locks.

Below are some of the best vitamins and minerals to assist you on your hair growth journey.

To allow our body to function at the most basic level it needs over 30 vitamins and minerals, yet it only naturally produces one, Vitamin D.

What Are Vitamins?

what are vitamins

Vitamins are organic compounds that contain carbon and are essential nutrients that your body needs to produce your immune defense, oxygen, cell function, and more. Our bodies are made up of 18% carbon.

What Are Minerals?

what are minerals

Minerals are earth sources of nutrients that are extracted from soil, rock and water.

The Role Of Vitamins And Nutrients In Hair Loss

Vitamins and minerals are referred to as essential nutrients because they act on behalf of hundreds of functions in your body. While your body can only naturally produce vitamin D, we need to supplement over 30 different nutrients by providing your body with “raw material,” or better known as vitamins and nutrients (micronutrients) to ensure we stay alive, well balanced, healthy and growing.

Hair loss is a common problem that could improve with proper vitamin supplementation. Vitamins are essential for cell growth and function and may contribute to hair loss when our bodies are deficient.

Micronutrients are major elements in the normal life cycle of hair. This includes; hair follicle cycle, cellular turnover at the scalp level and how strong and healthy your hair will be as it grows.. If our body lacks micronutrients then we put our internal balance at risk, including the new production of hair, early hair loss, as well as temporary and permanent hair loss in the form of alopecia or effluvium.

To extend an example, studies show a link to alopecia is due to an immune system attacking hair growth and overall function. People experiencing alopecia, suffering from immune caused issues also show they lack vitamin D in their body.

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Do Hair Growth Vitamins Work?

Yes and no. Hair growth vitamins are simply a type of multivitamin aimed towards improving hair health. They may support healthy hair, but are not a one size fits all solution to see the results you may have been promised.

When selecting a hair growth vitamin, it’s essential to examine the label. Health boosting ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are a vital part of your hair growth journey. Many hair growth vitamins on the market only tackle surface nutrients while the base of their ingredients is filler like different forms of sugars.

Also, it's important to note that hair health doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Factors such as age and genetics can affect hair growth. However, medical professionals agree across the board that, in order to grow healthy hair, nutrition is the best place to start. Even examining age as a factor in relation to hair growth, you will find studies showing a correlation between age and nutrient deficiencies.

Improving your nutrition by taking hair growth vitamins can absolutely lead to an overall improvement in hair so long as they’re packed with powerful nutrients like the ones we’ll discuss in this article. When you find the right supplements you will also see a difference in your mood, energy, and overall well being in addition to your hair growth.

Which Vitamins Should I Look For In My Hair Growth Supplements?

When selecting the best hair growth supplements; it’s important to check the label for the following ingredients:

  1. Vitamin A - is necessary for cell growth.
  2. B-complex vitamins - are a combination of different B vitamins, the best ones for hair are B3, B7 and B9.
  3. Vitamin C - assists your stomach in absorbing nutrients.
  4. Vitamin E - has natural antioxidant effects that benefit hair.
  5. Vitamin D - may help with hair growth as well by preventing premature hair loss.

Which Vitamins Are Best For Black Hair Growth?

black hair growth

Often the biggest challenge for black hair is dryness which leads to breakage.

To maintain healthy locks, it’s important to look for these specific nutrients:

  1. Vitamin C - helps you absorb all other nutrients
  2. B-complex vitamins such as B3 and B7 - can improve scalp health
  3. Iron - boosts circulation which is also good for the scalp
  4. Zinc - reduces breakage which assists with retention of length.

What Are The Best Vitamins To Help Hair Grow?

Hair growth vitamins can often contain several different types of vitamins. Below are the best vitamins for hair health.


B-vitamins, also known as B-complex vitamins, refer to a group of essential nutrients. The most important by far are B3, B7 and B12.

B3, or Niacin, assists in the circulation of blood. The more blood and oxygen your scalp is, the healthier your follicles will be which can result in thicker strands.

B7, or Biotin, is fairly well known and popular in the beauty world for its incredible benefits. It’s known to assist the body in producing more keratin and it also boosts the health of your hair follicles.

It’s also important to note that since biotin makes your hair stronger, it also greatly reduces hair loss.

Vitamin C

vitamin c

Vitamin C is also quite the powerhouse when it comes to boosting your hair growth because it offers so many benefits.

Firstly, It boosts scalp health by preventing dandruff. Also, because it helps you absorb other nutrients, taking Vitamin C can prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle and breakage prone.

Lastly, it is also known to prevent hair from aging and turning grey.

Vitamin D

vitamin d

Vitamin D is also very beneficial for the hair because it works to stimulate cell growth. This cellular growth is extremely beneficial for your hair follicles because healthy follicles produce beautiful healthy hair! It can also help produce new hair follicles which encourages thicker hair.

Furthermore, because Vitamin D nourishes the roots of your hair, it can possibly reduce the risk of premature hair loss. Deficiencies in Vitamin D often lead to a plethora of balding issues including alopecia so it’s vital to have in any hair growth supplement.

Vitamin E

vitamin e

Vitamin E is another nutrient that is vital for both the hair itself as well as the roots. It supports your hair health by nourishing it with antioxidants to maintain the growth you’ve already achieved.

Vitamin E is also known to protect hair follicles from harmful free radicals that can upset hair health. When used properly, it can boost your hair’s elasticity and shine!

What Are The Best Minerals To Grow Longer Hair?

Minerals play just as vital a role as vitamins when it comes to your nutrition. The ones listed below are crucial in improving the condition of your scalp and hair.


The benefits of Iron are mainly seen in the scalp. It assists your red blood cells in carrying oxygen all over the body which is incredibly helpful for hair growth.

It’s also important to note that a lack of Iron can lead to a condition called anemia. One of the symptoms of this illness is hair loss so it’s important to consume the proper amount.


Zinc is also wonderful for growing strong, breakage resistant hair. The main function of zinc is to assist in cell growth and repair which is crucial to a healthy scalp.

Additionally, when you don’t have enough zinc, it can lead to hair loss and breakage.

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What Is The Best Nutrient For Stronger Hair?

Folic Acid

Another great ingredient to look for in your hair growth supplement is Folic Acid. It contributes to the growth of healthy cells. It also benefits red blood cells directly which is vital to scalp health.

Because of it’s boost to root health, it can also help bring volume to thin hair.

Which Amino Acids Are Best For Healthy Hair?

Simply put, Amino Acids are molecules that make up proteins. They are known in the science world as the “building blocks” of all life. There are many types, all with their own special benefits:

  1. Lysine - is known to increase the production of collagen, resulting in bouncy, voluminous hair.
  2. Cysteine - nourishes the hair with sulfur which in turn improves hair’s texture and produces breakage resistant strands.
  3. Arginine - helps with circulation of the blood which directly benefits your scalp.
  4. Methionine - benefits hair in many ways; it prevents aging, stops hair loss and even produces pre-collagen.

Does Omega-3 Help With Hair Growth?

omega 3

Yes, it absolutely does! Omega-3 is essential for a healthy body overall. When it comes to your hair, Omega-3 can add beautiful shine and suppleness which can keep hair from breaking.

Additionally, it can prevent the hair follicles from becoming inflamed which supports a healthy scalp.

Does Collagen Help Hair Grow Longer?

collagen for hair growth

Yes, collagen can help your hair grow longer. It’s packed with helpful amino acids that the body uses for cellular growth, including the growth of your hair follicles. It works as an antioxidant and helps protect the hair against free radicals.

It’s also known to prevent thinning hair caused by aging. All these combined benefits can lead to strong, soft, healthy locks.

How Does Saw Palmetto Help Hair Grow?

saw palmetto for hair growth

A lesser known but just as effective ingredient that you should look for in your hair growth vitamin is Saw Palmetto. It’s a plant which can greatly aid your hair growth journey because it increases hair growth.

It's known to effectively treat hair loss by balancing your hormone levels.

Can Keratin Help Me Grow Healthier Hair?

Yes, it can! Keratin is well known in the beauty world for both skin and hair and for great reason! It’s full of amino acids that shower hair with a multitude of benefits.

It assists in regenerating the hair which leads to glossy, beautiful shine. It also smooths the hair which improves texture and prevents unwanted breakag by making your mane more resilient.

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