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Blog > Hair Growth/Loss > Your Guide To Goldie Locks® Hair Supplements

Your Guide To Goldie Locks® Hair Supplements

Welcome to the beginning of your hair growth journey with Goldie Locks® Hair Supplements! Now that you’ve decided to take control of your hair health, it’s time to get growing!

This guide is a great resource to learn more about your Goldie Locks® Hair Supplements, tips on tracking your progress, what to expect over the next few months, and experience the best results and benefits from all that Goldie Locks® has to offer.

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Consistency Is Key

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As with most things in life, consistency is key to experiencing meaningful results. Never miss a dose to get the most out of your Goldie Locks® Supplements.

Here are some helpful tips to help keep you consistent:

  1. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep your supplements where you can see them! We designed our supplements to be beautiful enough to leave on your counter, vanity, or nightstand - this allows for an easy visual reminder to take them daily.
  2. If you need more of a nudge - set reminders on your phone to take them daily.
  3. Some find it easier to remember to take their supplements with a meal, so they do it around the same time each day.
  4. Never miss a dose by signing up for a monthly subscription! Eco-friendly refills will be delivered every month like clockwork so you never run out. The best part? You have complete control to pause, skip, or cancel anytime.

Track Your Progress

hair supplements before and after

Progress Photos: Chances are you look at yourself in the mirror every day, and it's sometimes difficult to notice small changes, especially when it comes to overall improvement in the quality of your hair and scalp. This is why documenting your progress by taking photos is a critical component of tracking your progress and true results that you experience when taking Goldie Locks® Supplements. Doing this will allow you to not only track your results, but also share your hair journey with others!

Journal: Sometimes it’s easy to forget the progress we make. Make a note to check in with not just your hair, but your skin, nails, energy, and overall mood.

Interesting fact, some of the beneficial side benefits you experience when taking Goldie Locks® Supplements are so subtle, that they are often noticed once customers stop taking their supplements. For example, some consumers who stopped taking their supplements noticed the difference in their patience, mood, and energy levels. Something they didn’t recognize these supplements had helped them with as they were only focusing on documenting their hair growth. With that being said, Goldie Locks® Supplements are more than just another hair supplement…

More Than Your Average Hair Supplement

hair growth supplements benefits

Goldie Locks® Hair Supplements focus on the health of your hair and scalp but it doesn't stop there! Our clean, effective, all-natural ingredients not only help to promote longer, stronger, healthier hair- but can also help to reduce stress, regulate mood, enhance energy levels, boost immune system, improve skin and nails, help improve memory and focus, and enhance overall wellness.

Goldie Locks® Ingredients At A Glance:

Vitamin A, C, D E, Selenium, Black Pepper Extract, Iodine (from organic kelp) + Maximum Strength Biotin.

Goldie Locks Collagen Complex: Hydrolyzed Marine (Fish) Collagen, Bovine Collagen, Chicken Bone Broth Collagen, and Eggshell Collagen.

Locks Herb Blend: Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Leaf, Turmeric Curcumin, Holy Basil, Ginkgo Biloba, and Gotu Kola.

Goldie Essential Oil Blend: Rosemary Extract, Lavender Powder, and Peppermint Powder.

What To Expect

hair supplements results

Month 1

All good things take time, especially when it comes to your hair. The first month it’s what is happening on the inside that counts. Goldie Locks® begins to take effect, priming your body for the benefits to come. As the supplements work to nourish your hair from within, you may start to notice faster hair growth, less shedding and breakage, and improved scalp health. You may also experience additional benefits such as increased nail growth, less midday crashes, and more balanced moods.

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Month 3-5

Growing + glowing! With consistent use you should continue to see positive changes. By now your hair should appear healthier, thicker and stronger. Immunity benefits are at maximum defense. Stress levels are minimized. You may also be experiencing improved energy, focus, and clarity. Women have also reported better sleep, healthier skin, and even improved eyelash growth!

Month 6+

No looking back! Goldie Locks® supplements effortlessly carries you through your day. At this point you should be looking and feeling your best as you continue to give your body and hair what it needs to thrive. With suggested use, hair continues to become stronger, healthier and more nourished as time goes on.

Nourish + Protect Your New Growth

luxury hair care supplements

Now that you are nourishing and growing your hair from the inside, it's important to take care of your hair and new hair growth from the outside. The right hair care routine using high quality products will enhance the results you experience as well as protect and nourish your new hair growth. Goldie Locks® Hair Care is designed to enhance the health of your hair - making it the perfect match alongside our Hair Supplements. The combination of the two is the ultimate inside and out approach to your healthiest hair.

Final Thoughts

hair supplements

We are so excited for you to begin this exciting new hair journey. We hope this guide is helpful as you navigate your new hair journey. Remember to be consistent with taking your daily supplements, track your progress, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

It’s important to remember that every body and everybody is different. Results may vary and individual results may take longer to appear depending on your hair type and current hair health. Hair supplements are not a cure for hair loss and should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

We always recommend consulting your medical provider before starting any new supplements.

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