How Goldie Locks® Ingredients Help Hair

Before you dive into any new supplement or hair support regimen it is important to understand what you are putting into your body and how it will be helpful to your hair growth journey.

Lucky for you, our hair obsessed team and science backed lab has combed through the features and benefits of each ingredient that is inside your daily serving of Goldie Locks® Supplements.

First things first, our Golden Rule and a promise to you is that we source only the purest and highest quality ingredients.

Because you deserve more than just the essentials and when it comes to your health and wellbeing, it’s important that you trust what's inside your Goldie Locks® supplements.

We maximize the daily serving of each ingredient so that you have an ample supply of micronutrients needed to see the results you have been looking for!

In addition to high performance and high quality ingredients, we always responsibly source and keep our QC (quality control) standards close to us to ensure you experience consistency as well as safety, always.

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Collagen Complex

Collagen Peptides

Collagen is plentiful in its benefits to encourage and speed up your hair growth. An interesting fact to point out is that this element filled with amino acids can actually strengthen your hair follicle by fighting free radicals, in turn the user will discover less hair loss.

Studies have shown that after 90 days of supplementation dry, brittle hair has the ability to completely reverse and return to normal. Which demonstrates the efficacy of collagen when taken daily.

Hydrolyzed Marine (Fish) Collagen

Hydrolyzed Marine (Fish) Collagen comes from the skin of fish and is found to improve and delay your body’s process of aging including those that we see on our skin.

Due to the skin benefits this particular collagen provides, you will start to notice the benefits through your hair particularly at a scalp level.

The scalp ages 12x faster than the skin on our body and 6x faster than our face so it is important to nurture the nutrients throughout our bodies so your scalp (which hosts your hair) is kept in its peak condition and can promote overall healthy strands of hair as they grow.

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen is broken down more than a traditional collagen which has been found to better absorb into your body. The benefits of collagen encourage healthy hair growth by delivering a large amount of amino acids.

Because your hair is made up of keratin, which is made up from amino acids, those looking to grow healthy longer hair should be taking a supplement with collagen within it.

Chicken Bone Broth Collagen

While bone broth may be a trending side dish to your meal, it is actually doing a lot for your hair. It contains nutrients your hair needs and may be lacking, while delivering other essential nutrients to support your hair growth like; collagen, amino acids, protein and gelatin.

When looking at amino acids as a healthy source for hair health it is important to understand that amino acids through supplementation are metabolized and used by your body differently than when amino acids are present in your hair products themselves like a hair conditioner.

Eggshell Collagen

Eggshell membrane contains hyaluronan, or as you may know it as hyaluronic acid. Not only will eggshell collagen support your hair growth providing you with thick luscious strands but some have also seen an overall improvement in skin texture, elasticity fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid delivered through eggshell collagen will help your hair follicle lock in moisture, control frizz and potentially bring a more natural voluminous finish to your hair.

Essential Oil Blend

Rosemary Extract

Rosemary is a common essential oil used to increase hair growth. As this pure extraction gets infused via supplementation it will help strengthen the circulation needed to feed your hair follicles.

For those looking to increase hair thickness, rosemary also assist by increasing cellular turnover [or regeneration] at the scalp level. Giving your scalp a healthy foundation for longer and thicker hair.

In a controlled group study, researchers found that there was significant hair growth when rosemary was used consistently after three months.

Lavender Powder

Antimicrobial and antibacterial powers in lavender ensure nothing gets in the way of your healthy scalp which is key to growing exceptionally beautiful hair.

As its known properties to relax, reduce stress it will also assist in allowing your body to rebalance and rejuvenate. This will help your body to constantly turn over new, healthy hair.

In addition to this, lavender oil can help to promote more hair follicles (where your hair grows from), more depth in hair follicles (less hair shedding) and a thicker dermal layer (hair follicle protection).

Peppermint Powder

Peppermint is a unique force that has been scientifically proven to increase hair growth cycles more than minoxidil. As it stimulates blood circulation underneath the scalp it invigorates each follicle to increase how quickly your hair grows while maintaining a healthy circulation of much needed nutrients.

Marula Oil

Marula oil nourishes hair from root to tip whale keeping moisture within each hair strand. It’s high antioxidant levels combat free radicals that would otherwise increase hair aging.

If your hair is feeling dry, rough to the touch or has lost its luster, marula oil helps to reverse it.

Herb blend


Ashwagandha works wonders on inflammation in your body by helping to reduce and for some feel it eliminated. As our scalps can be prone to dandruff, or dry itchy scalp that could hinder your hair growth cycle, ashwagandha provides aid to reverse this.

In addition this herb carries antioxidants and amino acids which are essential for the creation of each hair strand.

Holy Basil

Basil has been used for centuries to strengthen the hair follicle and help alleviate common scalp issues like itchy scalp or dandruff.

As you may not know, your hair follicle plays a major role in your hair routine because it is truly the root of most hair issues including premature hair loss and premature graying of hair. Supplementing with holy basil will help address these issues.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola rosea is rich in phenolic compounds, or plant substances that carry strong antioxidant properties. When combined with additional nutrient support it will stop hair aging like dry, dull, rough textured hair and bring about a youthful shine, bounce and softness to your locks.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is a powerful herb to incorporate into your supplements due to its incredible benefits encouraging healthy hair growth through powerful antioxidants.

In addition to this, it carries anti-inflammatory benefits which will address internal inflammation that could be jeopardizing your bodies ability to produce more and healthier hair.

Within ginkgo itself it contains two major elements that are important for hair growth, Ginkgolide B and biobalide because they promote the hair growth cycle itself.

Bacopa Leaf

As a native plant found in rainforests around the world bacopa is known for its ability to heal wounds as well as promoting antioxidants that nourish your scalp and sends nutrients back into the hair follicle to promote hair growth and helps to treat hair loss.

Turmeric Curcumin

As a natural DHT blocker, turmeric contains a natural substance called curcumin that counters the overproduction of DHT directly. Having high levels of antifungal and antibacterial properties turmeric will also combat premature hair loss as it reverses this into increased hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy.

Gotu Kola

As a proud member of the parsley family Gotu Kola is a staple in both Chinese and ayurvedic medicine when it comes to hair growth.

The powerful regenerative properties make this plant a great addition to anyone looking to combat hair loss while encouraging hair growth. It also contains phytochemicals which include beta carotene, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc in addition to vitamin c, vitamin b-1, b-2 and b-3.

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Other Ingredients


Biotin also known as vitamin B-7 stimulates the growth of our hair's main protein, keratin production as well as helps to promote faster hair growth.

While B-7 can be traced in foods that we eat, you can become deficient in this vitamin. It does not store in the body for long which is why it is safe to take this everyday through a daily supplement.

As you rebalance your body's consumption of biotin your hair will start reflecting in its strength and shine.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a form of retinol that contributes to your hairs overall health. All cells in your body need an ample daily supply of this vitamin to ensure your new cells rejuvenate in a healthy way. 90% of your hair is in a growth phase at all times which makes vitamin a an essential vitamin to keep your hair growing.

In addition to this, Vitamin A also helps your body to produce adequate amounts of sebum [hair oil]. If you are struggling with an overly oiled scalp or struggle with a dry scalp vitamin a helps to rebalance your internal output.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also quite the powerhouse when it comes to boosting your hair growth because it offers so many benefits.

Firstly, It boosts scalp health by preventing dandruff. Also, because it helps you absorb other nutrients, taking Vitamin C can prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle and breakage prone. Lastly, it is also known to prevent hair from aging and turning grey.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also very beneficial for the hair because it works to stimulate cell growth. This cellular growth is extremely beneficial for your hair follicles because healthy follicles produce beautiful healthy hair! It can also help produce new hair follicles which encourages thicker hair.

Furthermore, because Vitamin D nourishes the roots of your hair, it can possibly reduce the risk of premature hair loss. Deficiencies in Vitamin D often lead to a plethora of balding issues including alopecia so it’s vital to have in any hair growth supplement.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another nutrient that is vital for both the hair itself as well as the roots. It supports your hair health by nourishing it with antioxidants to maintain the growth you’ve already achieved.

Vitamin E is also known to protect hair follicles from harmful free radicals that can upset hair health. When used properly, it can boost your hair’s elasticity and shine!


Iodine is the heaviest traced mineral found in the human body. It plays a critical role in ensuring your thyroid is working properly and keeps hormones balanced.

Today, a lack of iodine is the most common nutritional deficiencies among the population. Why this is important is because your thyroid helps to boost your hair growth and maintain the integrity and overall strength of your strands.

When lacking iodine you will notice slow hair growth, premature hair loss and a rough, dry texture as you run your hands through your hair.


Selenium is an essential element for our bodies and is usually found in vegetable or animal origin. When you supplement selenium your body absorbs it completely before your liver transforms it into antioxidants like vitamin c. Through this process your body uses this element to promote hair growth and regrowth.

In scientific studies they have found that those suffering from alopecia and other forms of hair loss both long term and trauma induced, each patient had a lack of selenium in common.


Zinc is also wonderful for growing strong, breakage resistant hair. The main function of zinc is to assist in cell growth and repair which is crucial to a healthy scalp. Additionally, when you don’t have enough zinc, it can lead to hair loss and breakage.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper carries insulin like growth factors and helps with increasing hair growth. Filled with vitamin a, c, carotenoids, folic acid and potassium together make a great combination to increase hair growth as well as helping to curb dandruff.

In addition to the many benefits of increasing hair growth, black pepper can also increase the new hair growth to overall increase hair density.

Broad Spectrum CBD

broad spectrum cbd for hair

CBD is a wonderful ingredient that your body is already familiar with. However, in time and with the introduction of damage to our scalp and hair, we deplete the integrity of the hair. Introducing CBD back into your body may ensure you rebalance and strengthen your hair from within.

Goldie Locks Supplements Ingredients, Compared

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