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Blog > Hair Health > These Are The Best Hair Products For Summer

These Are The Best Hair Products For Summer

Do you know why the sun brightens and shifts the tone of your hair color? The UV rays actually penetrate the hair strands past the cuticle (outermost protective layers) into the cortex, where the strength of your hair lives.

Imagine all the entry points this leaves in your hair causing it to weaken over time, especially without the proper hair care. This summer, protect your hair from damage with our essential summer hair care round-up, filled with hair saving advice that will keep your hair radiant all season long.

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Best Overall Hair Health

Hair Supplements

Hair Supplements

Have you heard that hair health starts from within? Of course you have, for good reason too. Our hair’s health is determined before we see it grown out and to step above that hair health is created beneath the surface up to three months prior. What we do today will impact the hair health we have tomorrow. So do your future self a favor and get the longest, healthiest-looking hair you deserve with your daily dose of Hair Supplements.

hair supplements

Best Beach Day Shampoo

Hair Supplements

Clarifying Shampoo

After a long day at the beach, under the sun and surfing the waves you may want to take advantage of the natural salty water as they push in some natural gritty texture through your strands. However, it is going to be important to get hair back on track and remove excess build up from environmental aggressors. Which is why we recommend this detox shampoo. Which is safe enough for most to reset your hair once a week, but during the summer months we tend to stretch our shampoo days out even further -hence the reset recommendation on this.

clarifying shampoo

Best Brightening Shampoo

Hair Supplements

Purple Shampoo

Blondes, platinums, and gray hair want to look their brightest to reflect the sunshine they’re taking in and the best way to do that is to banish unwelcome warm tones. To keep your blondes bright, in check and properly hydrated, this purple toning shampoo delivers. So you get adequately balanced while seeing a much “cooler” tone throughout your strands.

purple shampoo

Best Hair Prep

Hair Supplements

Signature Leave-In Conditioner

Before diving in, or letting your hair dry out. Apply this lightweight yet hydrating leave-in conditioner. By prepping your hair with this leave-in conditioner you allow your hair to absorb good nutrients that way your hair stays “full” of the good stuff and won’t absorb excess of the bad stuff. Not only will this detangle your hair, it acts as a lightweight invisible shield to prevent UV rays from penetrating your hair while it acts as a moisture-balancing hero to ensure your hair stays manageable all day. It’s a win-win for us!

leave in conditioner

Best Hair Recovery

Hair Supplements

Signature Serum

Whether your hair is starting to show signs of dulling, getting tangled up easier or in need of a nutrient boost this hybrid hair oil-serum will penetrate your hair quickly without weighing to down while protecting the outward cuticle that affects appearance [major gloss], and prevents damage caused by friction [when your hair catches on itself]. Simply apply this versatile product on either towel dried hair, after your leave-in conditioner or on your dry hair –especially at night right before bed.

hair serum

Best No-Fuss Styling Hero

Hair Supplements

Flyaway Fix Pomade Stick

This ultimate styling hero can fit into just about any bag; beach, day/ night even a diaper bag if you have to. Put this pocket sized product anywhere you can to tuck away flyaways or to take your simple day style into a chic night style. Simply apply this directly on the hairs that you want to control, add shine to or even camouflage split ends. It is not greasy, easy to work with, even when you forget your hairbrush at home, that elevates every hair style.

pomade stick for hair flyaways

Final Thoughts

Here at Goldie Locks® we obsess over hair health, in fact we are dedicated to improving your hair experience, starting from within.

While it is no easy feat to keep raising the bar in what we consider to be the gold standard in hair care, we are here to make an impact on your hair integrity, experience and revive your summer strands.

From quenching your ends' thirst to preventing discoloration, these summer hair must-haves will surely make the visible difference you’re after.

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Hair Supplements

Hair Supplements

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