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Blog > Hair Routine > 7 Hair Care Tips To Make Extensions Last Longer

7 Hair Care Tips To Make Extensions Last Longer

Hair extensions can offer flexibility in helping hair appear longer, thicker, as well as more vibrant and healthy. However, like every other hair product, it is important to take care of your hair extensions, so you don’t end up with dull strands, matted hair, or worse, irreversible damage to your original hair.

Proper care for your hair extension makes them look healthier, vibrant and more natural. Properly taking care of your hair extensions also helps increase the longevity of your extensions allowing them to last longer - ultimately saving you money and getting the most out of your investment.

Luckily, your stylist isn’t the only one able to give your extensions the TLC they need to thrive. In this article, Goldie Locks® shares 7 hair care tips that will make (and keep) your extensions feeling and looking as good as new!

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Tip #1: Brush Often

Wearing extensions requires that you pay extra care to how you brush as well as the frequency. Just as if you would brush your real hair gently, coaxing - not tearing - any knots, your extensions are no exception.

How you brush your extensions is crucial. To start, get a high-quality extension friendly brush. This will help prevent tangling and damage to your extensions. When brushing your extensions, start by selecting a section of hair. Place one hand on the base of your extensions, holding firmly to avoid tugging or pulling to the base of your extensions and scalp. Start brushing the ends of the hair first and slowly work your way up the mid-strands, towards your roots.

This process will put the least strain on your extensions, hair, and scalp, helping to keep them all in good condition. Regarding the frequency, you will need to brush thoroughly multiple times a day, separating each row and brush in-between to avoid matting or tangling.

Tip #2: Always Use Professional Products

Your extensions are only as good as the products you apply to them! We cannot stress that enough! Always use professional products, including a sulfate/paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. Those ingredients are proven to dry out the hair, acting as a scrubbing astringent to remove dirt and oils.

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Why we love Goldie Locks® Signature Shampoo + Conditioner for extensions:

Goldie Locks® hair care was formulated with a hair extension mindset. Not only do they deposit essential hydration, they also work to protect the quality, texture, and shine of extensions.

Here’s how Goldie Locks® stacks up against leading brands in the industry:

Why Goldie Locks luxury hair products

  • Noticeably Healthier
  • No Signs Of Weathering
  • No Splitting Or Breakage
  • High Concentration Of Hydration
  • Prevents Friction + Damage

These microscope image examples shown were used on human extension hair. Truly showing how using the right products on your extensions (and real hair) make all the difference.

Hair Washing Tip: When washing, ensure to focus the shampoo on the roots to get rid of excess oil and your conditioner on the ends of your hair to nourish them. This is because using conditioner close to your roots may lead to the extensions slipping down your hair, thereby reducing its lifespan.

Tip #3: Hydration Is Key

Due to the chemical processing that all extension hair undergoes, you need to focus on replenishing the moisture. Aside from your shampoo and conditioner coming from a professional product line that is nourishing and hydrating, weekly use of a deeply hydrating, moisturizing mask is also recommended.

hydrating hair mask reviews

Also, daily use of a serum or oil through the ends is a MUST to retain moisture and softness. If you have blonde extensions, we highly recommend to avoid using tinted oils such as argon or Moroccan, as they will tint blonde extensions!

Why we love Goldie Locks® Signature Serum for extensions:

  • Colorless formula
  • Deposits essential hydration
  • Luxuriously lightweight
  • Seamlessly blends natural hair and extensions
  • Detangles + helps with tangle prevention
  • Extends the life and vibrancy of extensions
  • Protects against future breakage
  • Intense nourishment + shine
  • Protects from heat + UV
  • Instantly softens hair}

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Tip #4: Avoid Chlorine and Salt Water

Chlorine and saltwater have the same negative effect on hair extensions - they both cause extreme hair dryness. The salt will cause the hair to lose moisture immediately, leading to expansion and reducing your extensions' lifespan.

If your hair is unprotected, you will have a potential matted mess on your hands. If you are going swimming, below are helpful tips to prevent damage to your extensions.

  • Before swimming, prep your hair by rinsing first with tap water and liberally applying leave-in conditioner from mid-length down to the ends.
  • Place your hair in a ponytail and braid tightly to avoid excessive tangling and swelling.
  • Immediately after your swim, wash and deep condition your hair. Then follow up with your leave-in conditioner and serum.

Tip #5: Sweaty Betty? No Worries

Avoid tight ponytails or buns when activities occur in damp or humid conditions such as workouts, steam rooms, or saunas. You can secure your hair with scrunchies without being too tight, and make sure the extensions are dried immediately after with a cool blow dryer.

Focus on drying the top of the wefts at the base of your head. If you don't have access to a blow dryer immediately after a workout, free your hair from the ponytail and allow your scalp "breathe."

If moisture is continually left along the weft line for prolonged periods, you may create an environment for mold or extreme build-up. Even if it's to focus a blow dryer along the top of your row, it will reduce any opportunity for issues to arise.

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Tip #6: Detoxing

It is vital to use a detox shampoo once every few weeks, just at the base of your extensions. It's easy for products to build up along that weft line, so using a detox shampoo will help break down any residue and note that there is no need to use the product on your entire head, but rather, focus the shampoo right at the base and scrub to release product debris.

Tip #7: Avoid Sleeping With Loose, Wet Hair

Before going to sleep, always braid or place your hair in a top knot to keep your wefts from tangling or matting. Never go to bed with wet hair extensions. This is because your hair is at its weakest when wet, and going to sleep with wet hair can lead to immense damage.

The friction of rolling your head back and forth while sleeping can cause matting from the small weft hairs and also cause your roots and natural hair to get tangled, or worse, breakage - especially if they are wet!

We recommend you dry your hair using a microfiber towel to squeeze out excess water after a shower, then use a cool hair dryer to dry out your extensions. We also recommend using a silk pillowcase when sleeping. Hair glides easily over a silk pillowcase without any friction to rough up your strands. Silk is also far less absorbent, so it won’t strip the moisture from your hair and extensions.

Extra Tip: Special Color Care

Blonde hair extensions require special care to maintain their color and quality. A great way to do this is by using a high-quality purple shampoo that is gentle on both the hair and the extensions: purple shampoo neutralizes brassy tones and keeps blonde hair looking cool and ashy.

purple shampoo before and after

Goldie Locks Purple Shampoo is a sulfate-free option that contains nourishing ingredients like argan oil and keratin to keep hair and extensions healthy and shiny. By incorporating a good purple shampoo like Goldie Locks into your hair care routine, you can help keep your blonde hair extensions looking their best for longer.

Best Products for Hair Extensions Care

best products for hair extensions

Goldie Locks® hair care was formulated with a hair extension mindset. Our formulations help maximize the life and vibrancy of hair extensions. Not only do they deposit essential hydration, they also work to protect the quality, texture, and shine of extensions.

These luxury hair care products are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates as well as vegan and cruelty-free. The Goldie Locks Ultra Hydration Bundle is the key to making sure your hair extensions are healthy, hydrated, and protected.

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Ultimate Hydration Bundle

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