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Blog > Hair Health > What Causes Dry Hair + Ways to Prevent It

What Causes Dry Hair + Ways to Prevent It

One of the most common hair issues we battle each day from frizz, hair tangling, looking dull and lifeless and most importantly so easily broken. All of these challenges commonly come from one known issue that is dry hair.

You have likely invested in several hair masks, miracle hair butters and oils with little to short lasting success so we are going to uncover the truth behind dry hair and give you tips on managing and preventing dry hair so you see and maintain the end results you were after in the first place.

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What Is Dry Hair?

what is dry hair

Surprisingly, dry hair is the healthiest and most well behaved hair type. If you think about your hair when it's wet, it won’t hold a style, and it becomes limp. However, when your hair is lacking that extra water, as it begins to dry we’re able to get the end results we’re looking for.

Dry hair when described as an issue we are finding a solution for is a description of your hair not retaining moisture to keep hair lubricated (less brittle) and becoming so porous air continues to evaporate even the good and useful hydration that your hair needs. In this state you no longer retain nutrients, you lack shine and hair becomes lackluster.

What Causes Dry Hair?

what causes dry hair

Dry hair is caused by an imbalance of cuticle protecting lipids (imagine beads of natural oil). When these naturally occurring but not naturally reproducing lipids leave the hair strands cuticle, it can no longer protect the hair leaving it susceptible to any form of damage like sun, heat, chemicals, certain products and even the way you groom aka - brush your hair.

You see, hair is made up of different bonds and a majority of these fragile bonds are hydrogen bonds. As your hair becomes more fragile and susceptible to damage your protective layer at the cuticle can no longer manage what comes in and out of your hair strand which allows the good water to leave (along with the hair balancing nutrients) leaving you with hair problems that are hard to manage.

Some of the main causes of dry hair:

  • Dry Scalp: The scalp is meant to release the required amount of natural oils to the hair follicle to maintain moisture and promote growth. A dry scalp will be unable to supply the hair with the required amount of nutrients to maintain its glow and shine. The result of this is the eventual drying out and breaking of the hair.
  • Environment: You may wonder what the environment has to do with your current hair condition, but it plays a major role in your hair's health and growth. The scalp and hair are super sensitive to environmental conditions and a slight change can affect your hair. For example, cold and dry weather can lead to flaking while a drastic change in the humidity can lead to hair dryness.
    For this reason, it is important that you use the right styling and treatment methods that are appropriate for the current weather.
  • Swimming Pools: Pools might not be your hair's best friend as they can easily make hair dry out. Most pools are treated with chlorine to prevent certain infections such as swimmers' ears and kill bacteria like E. coli. However, chlorinated water can strip your hair of natural oils and moisture. So it is important to protect your hair while swimming.
  • Poor Hair Care: Poor hair care routine can also contribute to dry hair. Habits like the constant use of blower-dryers and other heat-based hair stylers like straighteners can quickly dry your hair. Also, washing your hair frequently with shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals can dehydrate your hair.
  • Hereditary + Health: Hair dryness can be genetic and can be caused by diseases such as hypoparathyroidism. Surprising right? But there’s a solution. You can still make it better with the treatment tips that you'll find if you continue reading.

What Does Dry Hair Look Like?

what does dry hair look like

We would imagine that our cuticle opens and closes like blinds covering your windows because it’s a fairly simple concept to imagine however, our cuticle doesn't work that way. Our cuticle is rigid, it's a tough outer shell of hardened protein. It has a pretty difficult foundation which is why the lipid, moisturizing bits of the hair is so important, and when your hair has reached a point of “open cuticle” well all that means is that a once strong, well positioned cuticle is no disjointed and a piece is broken or chipped away.

If you can imagine hair in its purest form against hair with holes throughout you can imagine what it starts to look like. Dull, rough, tangles easily, not responsive in manageability and likely won’t hold your hair style as well. The worst part about your hair damage is that any time you brush or comb through, you find pieces of broken hair on your shirt and trapped in your brush.

Dry hair can be better managed by replacing the lost lipids via moisturizers like marula, argan and coconut oil.

How To Fix And Prevent Dry Hair?

Tip # 1: Wash Your Hair Less Often

wash your hair less often

It may seem like a good idea to wash your hair all the time due to dust, sweat, or other pollution. However, don't fall for the temptation to wash your hair constantly. It isn't as beneficial as your mind conjures it to be.

Lately, there has been an increase in the 'no poo' movement. 'No poo' is a hair care trend requiring reduced use of shampoo to promote healthier and lush hair. This is necessary because shampooing too often is not always a good idea. Having some natural oil is essential to the health of your hair. Over washing can strip the hair of its natural oils, thus leaving it drier and more prone to breakage. Simply put, we recommend trying to wash less frequently when/if possible.

Tip # 2: Change Shampoo And Conditioner

shampoo and conditioner

The first tip establishes the reduction of shampooing the hair because it can rob your hair of its natural nutrients. Likewise, poor shampoos and conditioners can do the same.

There are many shampoos on the market with promises of healthy hair, yet they are full of chemicals that can actually worsen your hair dryness. Do your own research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from your stylist on the best shampoo and conditioner to buy to keep healthy hair.

Why we love Goldie Locks Shampoo + Conditioner Duo :

  • Feeds your hair essential nutrients
  • Encourages healthy hair growth
  • Stronger, smoother, more manageable hair
  • Deposits instant long-lasting hydration
  • Strengthens & smooths hair
  • Detangles & helps with tangle prevention
  • Reduces frizz

Shampoo for dry hair should contain a high composition of natural oils like coconut and marula oil, plant extracts, and humectants.

Tip # 3: Protect Your Hair From Poor Weather Conditions and Chlorinated Water

protect hair from sun

Since poor weather conditions and chlorinated water are other causes of dry hair, protecting your hair from these harsh elements becomes a suitable solution.

Before getting in the pool, prep your hair with a conditioner or similar conditioning product that your hair can use and absorb. Once your hair has taken in the proper nutrients and becomes nutrient “full” it will no longer hang on to harsher elements that are found in chlorinated water.

Hats, beanies, and other hair covers that suit the occasion are options you can pick from during various kinds of weather.

Why we love Goldie Locks® Ultra Hydrating Signature Conditioner :

  • Strengthens & smooths hair
  • Locks in long-lasting moisture
  • Detangles & helps with tangle prevention
  • Extends the life & vibrancy of hair
  • Maintains quality, texture & shine
  • Reduces frizz

You can also use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair shiny and lush all day long.

Why we love Goldie Locks® Ultra Hydrating Signature Conditioner :

  • Strengthens & smooths hair
  • Weightless shine
  • Locks in moisture
  • Detangles unruly hair
  • Protection from heat & UV
  • Seals split ends
  • Frizz control
  • Restores essential nutrients
  • Strengthens hair
  • Reduces breakage

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Tip # 4: Use Nourishing Hair Masks and Other Moisturizing Dry Hair Treatments

hydrating hair mask

To retain natural oils and moisture in your hair, always use hair masks for dry hair treatments with great recommendations. There are many masks for dry hair that rehydrate, prevent breakage, and improve the length and strength of your hair. Hair masks are so important because they help restore your hair's health and give it a shiny and lush look.

Why we love Goldie Locks® Ultra Hydrating Hair Mask:

Instantly restore hydration, prevent damage, and add intense shine without weighing things down. This highly concentrated formula is rich in proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants to restore dry, damaged hair.

  • Instantly restores hydration
  • Repairs & renews damaged hair
  • Strengthens strands
  • Intense nourishment & shine
  • Extends the life & vibrancy of hair
  • Protects color
  • Rich in vitamins, fatty acids, & antioxidants
  • Reduces frizz
  • Detangles & helps prevent tangles
  • Maintains hair quality, texture & shine

Tip # 5: Take Supplements and Vitamins To Grow Your Hair Healthier

hair supplements

Incorporating hair supplements and vitamins for your dry hair offers impressive benefits. Vitamins B , C, D, and A are some of the important supplements to include in your diet . In addition, Biotin , Iron, and Zinc also help support hair structure and growth.

We recommend Goldie Locks® Supplements for those serious about the health and strength of their hair.

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Ultimate Hydration Bundle

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