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Blog > Hair Health > 10 Pro Tips For Blonde Hair Care

10 Pro Tips For Blonde Hair Care

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Many say blondes have more fun, but to be honest - blonde hair care can be a lot of work, especially when it comes to natural elements like the sun, water, and air pollution.

Blonde hair doesn’t come without seasonal threats such as brassy tresses and green-tinged ends. Over-styling and chemical processing can also leave your strands dry and prone to breakage.

But no need to worry! Goldie Locks is here to share with you 10 professional ways to maintain your beautiful blonde locks looking like you've just left the salon.

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How To Take Care Of Blonde Hair

Tip #1: Protect Your Blonde From Heat

You read right; stay away from the blow dryer! The less heat styling, the better for your blonde hair.

Processing your hair to achieve a lighter blonde color requires your hair cuticle to be stripped. Doing this makes it tough for your strands to hold on to the nutrients your scalp produces, thus, leaving your hair brittle and dry.

On top of this chemical process, adding an excessive amount of heat to your hair from styling tools can damage and dull your hair shine. It's always a good idea to give your hair a rest from heat styling when possible. Try air drying your hair or leaving your hair in a cute braid, bun, or updo.

However, if you can't do without the heat (like many of us), make sure you always use a heat protectant when styling your hair and never skip on a deep conditioning treatment.

Tip #2: Keep It Hydrated

For lots of us working towards achieving that perfect shade of blonde, we put our hair through a lot of stress. As discussed earlier, bleaching a dark color from your strands can be a very harsh process that rids your mane of the several oils and nutrients your cuticle has sealed within it.

This leaves your hair dry, stretchy, and brittle. Processed hair needs so much TLC, particularly when restoring the damage done. To help rejuvenate dry, brittle hair, we recommend investing in a high quality leave-in conditioner and deep treatment mask.

Hair masks are an excellent way to put back the moisture sucked from your hair during the coloring stage. Deep conditioning treatments are crucial for colored-treated hair and help prevent breakage. Try the Goldie Locks Leave-in Conditioner and Hair Mask for a potent punch of nutrients and hydration.

Tip #3: Make Your Color Long-Lasting With A Purple Shampoo

As time goes on, natural elements will cause your blonde strands to become brassy. To help make your hue last, purple shampoo will be your hair’s new BFF.

blonde hair before and after photo using purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is specially formulated to combat brassy tones and leave your locks the cool ashy tone you paid good money to achieve.

On the color wheel, purple is directly opposite to yellow, meaning when the purple pigments in the purple shampoo get absorbed by your hair follicle, it covers and removes any yellow tones within your locks.

color wheel

Be cautious when choosing the perfect purple shampoo, as some brands may be too pigmented or too drying for your hair. We recommend the Goldie Locks Purple Shampoo; it is sulfate-free to prevent it from drying out your processed hair. It is the perfect antidote to keep blonde, gray, or platinum hair vibrant and brass free while leaving hair soft, healthy, and hydrated.

To maintain gorgeous blonde locks, we recommend washing your hair at least once a week with the purple shampoo and then alternating your shampoos throughout the week. If you notice that your hair is super brassy or gets yellow quickly, increase your usage as needed.

If you discover your hair is becoming too ashy, reduce how frequently you use the shampoo. You can also adjust how much toning your hair gets by how long you leave the shampoo on your strands.

The toning effect will increase the longer the product remains on your strands. We recommend starting with 1-3 minutes and repeat and/or leave on longer if needed.

Keep in mind when using a purple shampoo, it’s important to massage and work the shampoo thoroughly from roots to ends, ensuring consistent coverage and even toning.

Tip #4: Keep It Out Of The Sun

We know this sounds unfair - who doesn't like a bit of sun? Unfortunately, overexposure to the sun would damage not only your skin but also your beautiful blonde locks.

Harmful UV rays can suck out moisture from your hair and turn your blonde to a brassy shade of orange. So, if you're planning a playful day in the sun, we advise going with a cute hat to guard your hair and skin from the sun.

IMPORTANT: If you're a blonde using sunscreen, it's important to note - if ingredients in traditional sunscreens come in contact with your hair, a chemical reaction can occur and discolor your hair. Similar to how SPF and other beauty products have been known to stain clothes, sunscreen may also have the potential to discolor your hair. Goldie Locks Sheer Mineral Sunscreen was specifically formulated to give you all the benefits of traditional sunscreen while protecting your hair from discoloration.

stay out of the sun

Tip #5: Don't Skip Deep Conditioning and Conditioning Your Hair

We appreciate the value of a good hair care routine, particularly one that includes deep conditioning. This helps to replenish the moisture in your hair and prevent it from future damage. It also makes strands look fresh and healthy with a beautiful shine.

Your conditioner and the once-a-week deep conditioner are a vital part of this process, so ensure you're not skipping out on that! Our favorite is Goldie Locks Ultra-Hydrating Signature Conditioner, which locks in moisture in your strands and makes your blonde look and feel healthier than ever!

Tip #6: End Your Hair Wash With A Cold Rinse

Regardless of if you're a brunette, blonde, or redhead, washing your hair less frequently can be a good thing. This habit will ensure you're not ridding your hair of its natural oils that nourish it.

A step you can include in your routine is to make sure to finish off with a cold rinse every time you wash your locks. This will help you maintain shiny and lustrous hair.

Tip #7: Take Caution With Oils

Oils are indicated to be among the best ways to nourish your locks - this might not be entirely true, but not when it regards blonde hair.

Oils have the tendency to make your hair look greasy and weighed down when it's not used in the right proportion. You have to take caution with oils that have a yellow tint because this could catch on your hair and stain it easily, particularly if you have platinum or white blonde hair.

We recommend Goldie Locks Signature Serum - it’s clear weightless formula makes this a must-have product for blondes. Not only will it instantly transform your hair, it penetrates deep into each hair strand, delivering instant shine and intense nourishment for beautiful, healthy hair that glows.

take caution with oils

Tip #8: Read The Labels & Avoid Sulfates

Sulfates are a no-go when it comes to choosing a shampoo. The most common of these sulfates are SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), used in several shampoos to help you achieve big lathers that are only doing your hair harm and no good. So ensure you read your labels closely anytime you buy your shampoo. Goldie Locks is a luxury clean hair care brand free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and DMDM Hydantoin.

hair care lineup white geometric bottles

Tip #9: Consider A Shower Head Filter

Your location can determine the amount of chlorine, iron, minerals, and fluoride content in your water. This can add to how quickly your blonde hair gets brassy.

Putting your money in a good shower head filter can assist in neutralizing the flow of these elements, thereby causing less damage to your blonde hair.

Tip #10: Follow-Up Is Important

In order to prevent damage like breakage and split ends, consider getting regular trims to keep your strands in check. By getting a haircut every two months, you can make sure your bleached strands stay as healthy as possible. Regarding touching up your roots, the timing is based on how fast your hair grows out.

We recommend touch-ups every eight weeks to keep a consistent shade of blonde. If you're looking to skip as much maintenance as possible, we suggest a concealing spray or powder to hide those sneaky roots.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! Follow these 10 professional tips to ensure you're keeping your blonde hair shiny, happy, and healthy.

  1. Protect your blonde from heat
  2. Keep it hydrated
  3. Make your color long-lasting with a purple shampoo
  4. Keep it out of the sun
  5. Don't skip deep conditioning and conditioning your hair
  6. End your hair wash with a cold rinse
  7. Take caution with oils
  8. Read the labels and avoid sulfates
  9. Invest in a shower head filter
  10. Follow-up is important

These tips, together with Goldie Locks® Products, will assist in restoring luster to your blonde locks and keep your mane looking healthy and fresh!

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