15 Winter Hair Care Tips

Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? As you’re getting ready for the coldest months of the year, your routines may begin to change. Cups of hot chocolate are now part of your Saturday night routine; cracking fires, a book and blanket begin calling your name…

As temperatures drop, and you begin to get all your wooly sweaters out, you’ll begin to notice your hair’s demanding some new attention and care.

Winter weather will inevitably mean slightly different hair care, so we’ve put together some winter hair care tips to help you overcome the harsh temperatures, and keep your locks fresh, healthy, and hydrated throughout the season!

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Tip #1: Wash Hair Less Frequently

woman washing her hair

Winter weather will dry hair and scalp, causing the latter to itch and flake. By shampooing every day, you are stripping off natural oils your hair produces, leading to further irritation and dryness.

If you wash daily, try washing your hair every other day and always use sulfate-free shampoo.

Tip #2: Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Hair

hair growth supplements

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and keeping your body hydrated during the winter season. Hair is affected by lack of hydration and will become dry if you are not getting enough water.

Hair health begins from within, so it is also important to keep a healthy and balanced diet to avoid any essential vitamin deficiencies which can affect the health of your hair. If you are looking to boost the health of your hair and support overall wellness - Goldie Locks® Supplements takes the place of 20+ over the counter vitamins and minerals, PLUS a unique collagen complex to truly help you find balance and get the most out of your day, all while looking and feeling your best.

Tip #3: Hair Oil Treatment

hair oil treatment

Using hair oil treatment in winter can go a long way in keeping your hair moisturized.

You can use coconut hair oil, olive oil, or your favorite hair serum as an oil treatment to massage your scalp and nourish your hair. This will additionally improve blood circulation, and therefore hair growth.

Tip #4: Avoid Heat Styling

naturally dried hair

Wintry weather can weaken your hair, so by blow-drying it, you’ll be exposing your hair to potential further dryness and breakage. Try letting it dry out naturally and/or avoid using any heat-styling tools as well and your strands will thank you for it.

We understand this isn’t always realistic, but even if you lessen the frequency in which you use a blow dryer and heat styling tools will go a long way. There’s also a lot of great heatless styling tutorials on YouTube if you’re looking to switch things up!

Tip #5: Lower Shower Temperature

lukewarm shower

We know hot showers are a perfect remedy for cold weather, but hot temps are not ideal for your hair. Hot water strips your hair from its natural oils and can also dry out your scalp, causing irritation and flakiness.

It’s best to wash hair with lukewarm water, and if you can, seal hair cuticles with a last cold rinse.

Tip #6: Cover Up

woman during winter with her hair covered and drinking coffee

Harsh winter weather can stress out your hair, so help by covering hair up with a scarf or hat.

Silk or satin lined hats are ideal for your hair, since they avoid friction and breakage. You can additionally try using a hair serum or smoothing/anti-frizz cream to help with flyaways and static.

Tip #7: Don’t Go Out With Wet Hair

woman with dry hair for going outdoors

Your grandma was right about not going outside in the cold with wet hair… sort of. We can’t speak to if that will get you sick, but we can tell you that cold hair will expand - and cold wet hair will doubly expand and end up breaking. Protect your strands and take a few extra minutes to naturally dry out your hair before walking out into the cold.

Tip #8: Get Regular Trims

hair trimming

Keep your hair healthy and strong by regularly trimming its ends. These tend to break and split more easily, especially in winter.

Chilly weather and the use of hats will increase your hair's tendency to become dry and brittle - so a trim every 4-8 weeks is definitely a good idea.

Tip #9: Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo powder before and after

Since you’re probably trying to avoid washing your hair every day, you might feel the need to give it some volume and shape.

If you also suffer from oily hair which tends to go limp without washing, try using dry shampoo instead.Dry shampoo gives your hair volume and shape, leaving it shiny and fresh-looking.

Tip #10: Fight Static With Leave-In Conditioner

woman grabbing a leave in conditioner

Static is very common during the winter months: lack of moisture plus constant friction with hats, sweaters, hoodies will give your hair static.

A good way to fight static is by properly conditioning your hair every time you wash, and using a high quality multi-tasking leave-in conditioner.

Tip #11: Microfiber Towels

woman drying hair with microfiber towel

Try using microfiber towels instead of cotton. Cotton is rough on your fragile hair, tangles it easier, and causes frizz and flyaways.

Microfiber has high water absorbing capacity, reduces friction and hair drying time, and it is much gentler on your locks.

Tip #12: Cut Down On Color

coloring hair

By using coloring products you're exposing your hair to harsh chemicals that lead to additional dryness in the winter months. If possible, take a break from using harsh coloring or bleaching products in peak winter months to decrease the chances of breakage.

Tip #13: Weekly Hair Mask

ultra hydrating hair mask

One of the best ways to keep your hair looking and feeling its best is with a weekly ultra hydrating hair mask.

Hair masks deeply nourish and replenish moisturize your hair while at the same time repairing and restoring dry, damaged hair. Perfect for helping fight the effects of cold winter winds and indoor heating.

Tip #14: Overnight Treatment

hair serum

You can follow a hair mask with an overnight oil or serum for the ultimate boost of hydration.

Apply liberally on dry hair just before bedtime, and cover your head with a cap or scarf for better absorption. This way your locks will keep hydrated all through the night!

Tip #15: Invest In A Humidifier

woman with a humidifier indoors

When temperatures drop, we inevitably tend to maximize our indoor heating. However, room heaters will not only dry the air inside your room, but dry your skin and hair.

A great way to combat indoor air dryness is with a humidifier. Humidifiers will allow better balance in moisture levels and prevent dryness of both your hair and skin.

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